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My Yoga Journey

I am a fan of Yoga. Love it. I am a better human because I practice it. I also have disliked how exercise made me feel for years, but with Yoga, I feel accepted just as I am. This has taught me to accept myself just as I am, today, without worrying about how I used to look or about my future appearance. There is only today, only my breath.

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The 5 Best Journal Prompts to Discover Your Soul Purpose

If the idea of your soul having a purpose is intimidating, let me help you reframe that idea. Can you instead picture it as not a task to check off, but a gift to unwrap? Can you believe that unlike the quest for the Holy Grail, which looks to be fairly unattainable so far, it is something you already know instead?

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10 Things I Can’t Live Without (In my Intuitive Spiritual Business)

There are lots of lists like these and of course it goes without saying that if this were an “all-time” list of things I can’t live without then at the top I would list my children, partner, and the basics like food, shelter, and clothing. But this list is specifically the top ten things that I must have as an intuitive Transformational Life Coach.

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