10 Things I Can’t Live Without (In my Intuitive Spiritual Business)

There are lots of lists like these and of course it goes without saying that if this were an “all-time” list of things I can’t live without then at the top I would list my children, partner, and the basics like food, shelter, and clothing. But this list is specifically the top ten things that I must have as an intuitive Transformational Life Coach.

Wherever you find yourself on your Soul Purpose Journey this list may provide you with some items that can make your journey lighter and more fun!

  1. Yoga Mat – The mat signals a ritual for me, the start of “me time” and the symbolic message that I love myself and my body enough to care for it through the physical activity of yoga. I like to visualize the mat as a safe space, a protective, judgment-free zone where I “practice” yoga. Accepting yourself as a person who is learning yoga through daily practice relieves the pressure of comparison (at least it should). By rolling out and showing up on the mat, you have already done the hardest part: carving out time for yourself and your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
  2. Angel Card Deck – I have had my Angel Card deck for over 15 years, and it represents my relationship with the Divine. Even before My Soul Purpose Journey began, I used the cards to reflect and gain insight into what was going on inside me at a soul level. I offer readings with this deck to my clients and am clear that they are not used for predicting the future but offer insight into what is going on in our life now. 
  3. Coaching Books and Research Files – I love reading, and I love learning, and to be a good coach I need to do both. My Soul Purpose Journey is just like yours, in an ever-evolving state of expansion. My coaching books and my research provide not only ways for me to grow but to offer more ways to connect clients to their purpose as well.
  4. My Drum – My buffalo skin drum was gifted to me by a special friend and it makes it all the more sacred to me. I use it in times of meditation and celebration. Making my own song with music and replicating the rhythm of the heartbeat provides me a way to pray when words just aren’t enough.
  5. My Phone – All hail the gift of modern technology! My phone is such a resource for me and my business. It provides me with access to my yoga videos and all kinds of meditation music. It also is a way for me to connect to clients and provide links to resources that they can use in their journey as well.
  6. Gratitude Journal/Colored Pens – My gratitude journal is separate from my planner and from other journals I may use. It is specially designed to just be filled with all the ways in which I am grateful. Looking daily at the numerous blessings in my life creates joy and the knowledge that there is always something to be grateful for. The colored pens are for flair and fun! Live a little and remember the joy of coloring! If you haven’t tried doing one, you really owe it to yourself and your journey to try it out. I have a free downloadable one on my website that you can use! 
  7. Laptop – This really is the home office of this century. I have everything I need right here, from all of the files I use with clients, to connect to my online school and learning platforms, to the actual means by which I can teach workshops and meet with clients. There really are so many perks to technology! (Ohh, let’s add that to my gratitude journal!)
  8.  Aromatherapy/Diffuser and Incense – I have a beautiful ceramic lotus that holds my incense for me and I just love it. Not only is it practical and holds the incense but also reminds me that the blossom has to come through the mud in order to bloom. I also love to create my own relaxing blends with essential oils for the diffuser that make me relax as soon as I enter my space.
  9. Crystals – There are lots of different books about the properties of crystals and stones, and I admit, I am still a novice. But they are really beautiful and if they provide an energetic connection then that makes it even better. For now, I just keep learning!
  10. Vision Board – Each year I create a vision board for the year ahead. I have no real specific goals as I pull words, images, colors together. I use my intuition to create a board that appeals and speaks to me. I hang it on my wall and am amazed each year as I look at the board and see how much from the board is manifesting in my life that year. I hold an online vision board creation workshop at the end of each year if you would like tips and help in making one of your own! 

These are a few of my favorite things! If you would like help in discovering your own Soul Purpose Journey through Transformational Life Coaching, retreats, workshops, and more then please reach out and sign up through my website. I would be honored to journey with you.

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