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My Soul Purpose Journey Mission Statement

My Soul Purpose Journey is committed to the inherent wholeness of the individual and provides encouragement as you discover your highest potential with Transformational Life Coaching. I passionately believe that you are here for a specific purpose and my role is to facilitate your journey through Spirit-led coaching as you navigate towards your highest potential. I choose to show up for my clients by being empathetic, attentive, and present and demonstrating through authenticity, intuition, and energy.

Michelle Raskey is a certified life coach, trained at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She has received her Bachelor of Metaphysical Science Degree, B.Msc., a diploma from the University of Metaphysics as well as her Metaphysical Practitioner Diploma. She is currently working on her Masters and studying additional modalities of healing to offer her clients. She lives in Arizona with her husband and sweet Miniature Schnauzer, Mango, relishing in the beauty of the desert and its red rocks and turquoise. She is most proud of her two daughters who are strong women, living their purpose and creating future generational healing.

Meet Our Coach Michelle Raskey

Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all on a journey in this life.

I used to think my life was about, “getting there”, for example, running my own business, raising my daughters to adulthood, being in a happy marriage, owning my home, and paying off my debts. Fulfillment in life would be enjoying the perks of life like the car I always wanted, a dream role in a play, being a published author. Yet, even as I arrived at each of these milestones, while I was grateful, I never felt as though I arrived.

I never felt, “Ah, here I am, and this is joyous and beautiful, and I am satisfied with everything I have worked for.” I would be joyful, and I would experience beauty in life, there were times when I felt satisfied, but there was something still missing. I wasn’t fully happy, fully filled, full-filled, fulfilled. And I was angry about that because it made no sense. My anger came from the guilt of believing that I should be content. I was grateful but restless. I was thankful but incomplete. My marriage was happy, my daughters were incredible women living their dreams, my job was at its peak, I had friends and family…what was wrong with me that those achievements were not giving me the completeness I wanted?

It wasn’t until a beautiful friend, a healer, helped me discover that I wasn’t fully in my purpose. While my life was good, I wasn’t on my highest path, I still was to discover my soul purpose and begin my journey.

I hope your journey begins now too, right here. I want to help you find:

My Soul Purpose Journey

To find the joys, miracles, and all the abundance of living and walking in your journey of purpose. It can begin with something as simple as life coaching. As your coach, I believe that you hold inside you all the answers. My role is to help you find more joy, more passion, more happiness, and more fulfillment.

I would love to connect with you and talk more about what you want more of in your life. Please subscribe and in addition to a contact call, you will receive a monthly self-care newsletter with tips and ways to start loving yourself so your cup can remain full while you love and serve those around you.


Coaching provides fulfilling results in ones personal, professional, and spiritual lives to support overall wellness.


Attract the life you want, obtain the goals you desire, and find the best you that has always been there through manifestation.


Everyone needs something along their journey where the stars align and life becomes clear. Let’s find that together.

Thank you! I did not know what to expect, but I found our session more revealing than I anticipated. Just shifting my mindset from my future being an unknown black hole to thinking of it as a blank canvas was huge for me! And I never considered that giving my best at everything all the time could be too much. I think it's not that I don't know what to do next, rather I don't have space (or energy) to entertain the next steps- as you suggested.
Deborah Forester
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Coaching is a partnership where we listen without judgment, acknowledge your strengths by challenging and supporting them to assist you in building the life you envision. Your appointment is step one!

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