The 5 Best Journal Prompts to Discover Your Soul Purpose

If the idea of your soul having a purpose is intimidating, let me help you reframe that idea. Can you instead picture it as not a task to check off, but a gift to unwrap? Can you believe that unlike the quest for the Holy Grail, which looks to be fairly unattainable so far, it is something you already know instead? I truly believe that you already have all the answers inside yourself, you just need to take the time, give yourself the space, and especially the grace to unpack and understand it.

Discovering your soul purpose can be fun and adventurous. I have talked to people who say things like, “What if I find out my purpose isn’t what I do now? That could cause my whole life to unravel, or worse, to be a lie!” To that I say, “Impossible, you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now at this time in your life. If you are a mother, then that is your purpose. If you are in a relationship or out of one, if you are working or retired, if you care for others or just yourself, you are in your purpose today. But your purpose is a journey and maybe there is more available to you than just what and where you are right now. Maybe your level of discomfort is a signal that a change is needed. Maybe there are multiple options unfolding for you and you just need to gain the right perspective.  Rather than see the journey as daunting and scary, picture it as your favorite action hero might: You are on a quest for the greatest treasure of all, yourself!

 The journey towards finding your purpose, aka the Treasure of You, can, and probably will, change and grow as you do. While the movies have taught us that “X” marks the spot for the treasure, the journey towards finding our Soul Purpose is much more like a stream of water, flowing and ever-changing.  Just like rainfall becomes a stream that leads finally out to the ocean, your Soul Purpose Journey will grow, flow, and become stronger as it reveals itself to you. 

Here are 5 sure-fire journal prompts that are sure to spark a flame of discovery toward finding your Soul Purpose:

  1. I never feel like my more real and authentic self than when I am _______________.
  2. If I had every resource available to me (education, time, finances, etc.) then I’d be doing ________.
  3. What I want people to say about my life after I am gone is __________.
  4. My favorite part of my daily/weekly jobs is ___________.
  5. When I think of success I imagine _________.

Take your time and take up as much space as you need when answering each question. You don’t have to necessarily answer them all at the same time, but I do recommend answering each of them. Allow yourself to explore all your thoughts on the subjects even if it seems small or trivial at first. Sometimes, in journaling, we must get out the big thoughts that crowd our clarity in order to allow the thoughts that have been diminished by limitations to find light. If you are not comfortable with long form journaling than do what feels right to you; use pictures, doodle, jot down key words or phrases, whatever helps you get what is inside out and onto the page.

Together these questions can provide a deeper understanding of the five keystones towards understanding your purpose: authenticity, limiting beliefs, world impact, priorities, and intrinsic inspiration. In addition to the many tools, I use working with clients who are on their journey, these questions can provide valuable insight into where you are and where you would like to be.

My Soul Purpose Journey is to help you discover yours! Let’s set up a free discovery call today and see if My Soul Purpose Journey Transformational Life Coaching is for you!

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